Education builds the future, and as you who read alternative media know so well, is a lifelong upgrade in virtue.
Alternative media is engaged in an education contest. We educate the public that US “leadership” is an oligarchy immersed in “Big Lie” crimes centering in warmoney, and media (also in ~100 other crucial areas). The oligarchy “educates” through “leaders” that their actions are legal, wise, and in the public’s best interest. The oligarchy’s media controls textbooks, and are a major source of their propaganda.
To be clear: the above links (among work of hundreds in alternative media) easily explain, document, and prove a “1%” criminal oligarchy engage in psychopathic crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. The education contest is not about what the objective facts are, but the art and science of communication for public recognition of those facts.
The irony is that this battle has been fought and won before: “Enlightenment” ideals of objective and independently verifiable data is where all educated people claim to stand, and apply in all areas of competence. When these academic and professional standards are applied in this contest, “official” stories are easily and quickly exposed as propaganda surviving with normalcy bias, “Big Lies,” and appeal to authority (to stop at just three factors).
When we win, the field of education for our children will become quite different from how it looks today. Among the changes, these three seem essential:
  1. Truth/facts.
  2. Love/community.
  3. Lifelong virtue.
1. Truth/facts: This “top 3 list” is a context; the upgrade of what’s necessary in detail is lengthy and goes beyond the limited work I’ve done in historygovernment, and economics (full archive here) to explain, document, and prove official lies centering in wars and what we use for money.
The good news is that this shift will be relatively easy after media control is ended. The bad news is that the struggle to discern fact from spin today is the best education I can imagine.
2. Love/community: The unspoken context of education today is education of one’s self as an individual. This is important, and just one of several essential The Daily Censored » After we’ve won: 3 education policy proposals: Truth/facts, Love/community, Lifelong virtue: