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4-4-14 The Whole Child Blog — Insights on Writing: A Core Skill — Whole Child Education

Insights on Writing: A Core Skill — Whole Child Education:

Klea Scharberg

Insights on Writing: A Core Skill

Writing: A Core Skill - ASCD Educational LeadershipWriting powerfully is a skill that teachers know every student needs to develop if he or she is to have the best chances in life. Yet, paradoxically, it's one of the skills that students most often resist practicing. The April 2014 issue of Educational Leadershipexamines the many ways to help students grow as writers. Articles in this issue look at some of the central skills involved in the complex act of writing—and how educators can get past students' too-common resistance to writing.
In her "Perspectives" column, Editor-in-Chief Marge Scherer notes the struggle teachers have between setting high expectations for students while also convincing them that writing can be a useful, a joy, and even an art. She asks,
"So how are teachers of all subjects going to meet the challenges of teaching students to be effective writers who don't hate to write? How are they going to prepare students to engage in all kinds of writing that they will need in the future—academic discourse, report writing, journalism, personal narrative, and even tweets? Today, social media of all kinds provide us outlets to share our personal ideas like never before. In the blogosphere, however, the highly structured five-paragraph essays rarely are those most clicked on. Come to think of it, which of your favorite books do you remember for their great sentence combinations? A new kind of literate writing is called for."
Articles in the issue include
View the insights of these and other contributors to the issue in the infographic (PDF) below, and start a conversation with your professional learning community using the free study guide.

Speak Up Goes to Washington, DC

National Release of Speak Up 2013 National Findings

2014 Congressional Briefing
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 562

Please join us for the release of the Speak Up 2013 National Findings. This is the first of two Congressional Briefings on the data results from the 403,000 online Speak Up surveys submitted from education stakeholders nationwide in fall 2013.
The April 8th briefing will include a presentation of the national findings and a moderated panel discussion with students and educators. This year’s national report on the findings will be distributed to all attendees.
Click here to RSVP to attend the briefing; click here to request a copy of the report.
If you need additional information about Speak Up or the Congressional Briefing, please feel free to contact Jenny Hostert or 949 609-4660 ext 17.

4-2-14 The Whole Child Blog — High-Morale Schools: Readying Students to Take on the World — Whole Child Education
High-Morale Schools: Readying Students to Take on the World — Whole Child Education: THE WHOLE CHILD BLOGHigh-Morale Schools: Readying Students to Take on the WorldApril 2, 2014 by Lora M. HodgesPost written by Lora M. Hodges for Northeast Foundation for Children/Responsive Classroom, a whole child partner organization.Morale can be hard to define, but you know it when you see it. When you walk in