Friday, April 25, 2014

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Guest Post from Paul Horton. Standards?
National Standards not Common Core Standards Rather than permitting the issue of the Common Core Standards (CCS) to be a political hot potato in the upcoming election season, I call for our education secretary to establish a national commission on creating national standards. Currently, a few foundations, Microsoft, Pearson Education, and several governors, the Fordham Institute, and our education

A Tale of Two NGA Press Releases, and Then Some

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are at the stormy center of unprecedented controversy regarding a supposed set of K-12 “standards.” The closest “standards storm” that I can think of as being somewhat similar to the current CCSS uproar occurred in 1994, twenty years ago, and concerned the national history standards. Let us pause and briefly […]

4-24-14 @ The Chalk Face
@ THE CHALK FACE: White Suprmacy: Alive and WellOriginally posted on Bill Ayers:The Supreme Court continued its long backward march yesterday, ruling 6-2 that Michigan could ban race as a factor in college admissions. Affirmative action is alive and well for white people, for the children of wealthy donors and alumni, but dead for people who suffered centuries of slavery, Jim Crow…1 by Michael Pau