Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4-22-13 Curmudgucation


Trials of the Traveling Student

What about the students who move?It's a question often raised in support of the CCSS, or just national standards in general. Don't we need national standards so that students who move won't be thrown for a loop when they change schools, even across state lines? I'm unconvinced by this argument.I'll admit up front that, as both my regular readers know, I am not a believer in national standards at a

4-21-13 Curmudgucation
CURMUDGUCATION: Why Are Teachers So Quiet?Some recent comments on this blog took teachers to task. A parent activist noted her own work against the current reformy regime and then added "and teachers as a profession and individually refused/refuse to step up and do their share of push back - paychecks were/are more important than the principles at stake and our children's wellbeing."Rece