Friday, March 7, 2014

3-7-14 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

EngageNY Modules Make No Sense - An Emblem For Common Core As A Whole
Kindergarten math homework. Makes no sense whatsoever. #CommonCore should be ashamed.— Chris Zoller (@ChrisZFitness) February 27, 2014This is the "rigor" of the Common Core in crystallized form.It's needlessly complex and makes no sense.It does, however, make children cry and parents scratch their heads and wonder what the hell is going on in schools these days

De Blasio Caves To Eva
That didn't take long, did it? City education boss Carmen Fariña retreated in the charter schools fight on Friday, saying the city is now searching for space for Harlem students whose high-performing charter school was evicted from a city building by Mayor de Blasio last week. It is a complete turnaround from Wednesday, when Fariña said the city would not find seats for the 194 distraught children

Eva Moskowitz Wants To Take School Building From Autistic Children
In all the "De Blasio is Harming poor black children by shutting down charter schools that don't exist yet" stories, we fail to find out that Success Academy edu-entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz wants to subsume space from a school for autistic and emotionally disturbed children to expand her charter empire.Juan Gonzalez writes: No one is happier about her policy change than the parents and st

Ginia Bellafante In NY Times: De Blasio Is Not Waging War On Charters, Moskowitz Plays Victim Card
Bellafante makes three great points in her Times column - the first, that Eva Moskowitz is harming minority children herself:Last week on the 64th day of his mayoralty, Bill de Blasio, criticized for his too hardy approach to snow days, for the slow pace of his appointments, for displays of petulance, achieved a predicted but still significant victory. The City Planning Commission unanimously appr
De Blasio Defends Teachers In Mayoral Forum In Chicago
From Sally Goldenberg at Capital NY:CHICAGO—Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a staunch defense of his position on charter schools during a seminar at the University of Chicago with his counterparts from Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago Thursday night, even as he complained that the issue had overtaken more pressing ones.He also said his signature proposal to establish pre-kindergarten seats for every
3-6-14 Perdido Street School
Perdido Street School: Capital NY: Cuomo May Broker Deal Using Teacher Evaluation "Flexibility" For Extra Charter School FundsFrom Eliza Shapiro at Capital NY:Governor Andrew Cuomo offered few specifics when he pledged to "save charter schools" at a massive rally on Tuesday, beyond promising "financial capacity, physical space and the government's support."But as Mayo