Sunday, January 26, 2014

A teacher’s experience in a Gulen charter school | Seattle Education

A teacher’s experience in a Gulen charter school | Seattle Education:

A teacher’s experience in a Gulen charter school

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Is it about the money or spreading a political/religious belief?
The Gulen charter chain has submitted a proposal to establish a charter school in Washington State called the Coral Academy of Science. You can read more about the school and the Gulen charter chain at Another charter school applicant: Coral Academy of Science… and the Gulen Movement.
To follow is a description written by a teacher at a Gulen charter school about his experiences and observations about a Gulen  school where he taught, its philosophy and approach to education.
If you do not want to see these schools in our state or have strong reservations, contact Mr. Halsey is responsible for sending on to the charter commission all communications from the public about the charter school proposals.
Matt Blair, a Ohio teacher, with experience in a Turkish Gulen charter school, provides