Saturday, September 14, 2013

Go 2 the Head of the Class War | EduShyster

Go 2 the Head of the Class War | EduShyster:

Go 2 the Head of the Class War

 Reader: ever since I heard economist Tyler Cowan being interviewed on NPR this week about the charred hellscape that is our immediate future, I have been in something of a state. You see, Cowan, whose new book is entitled Average is Over, says that not only is staggering income inequality here to stay, but that most of us can look forward to subsisting on cat food and nettles while a few wired creative types and their hipster underlings lord it over us.
Honey I shrunk the middle class
But as I listened to Cowan describe our inevitable fate, one in which middle class jobs are left smouldering on the ash heap of history and every aspect of our sad lives is ruthlessly tracked and graded, one of those deja vu feelings came over me again. I’ve seen this movie before, and I bet you have too. In fact, if you happen to find yourself in a state where the education profession is undergoing an ambitious reordering in order to unstifle our failing public schools and at last put our children on a path to college and 21st century 

Is TFA Undermining the Chicago Public Schools?
An internal TFA document shows plans for a dramatic charter expansion in the Windy City When news broke this summer that Teach for America was expanding its presence in Chicago amid the largest school closings in that city’s history and the layoffs of thousands of teachers and school staff, the reaction was swift, furious and extended well beyond the usual chorus of TFA detractors. At the time, I
EduShyster Unmasked
Why I’ve decided to come clean… Reader: I have a problem. As you may recall, I have long nursed shy hopes of attending the education reform event of the year, the EdReformies. But I’ve been vexed by a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. I can’t figure out how to purchase a ticket without using my real name. So I’ve decided to come clean. One gala ticket has just been purchased in the name of—drum r