Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9-24-13 Ed Notes Online

Ed Notes Online:

Where Are Rhee, Kopp, Klein, Moskowitz, E4E, DFER When it Comes to Defending Food Stamps Program (SNAP)?
.....you might think that ensuring adequate nutrition for children, which is a large part of what SNAP does, actually makes it less, not more likely that those children will be poor and need public assistance when they grow up. ... Paul Krugman, NY TimesYou mean SNAP might actually be more effective in fighting poverty than charter schools or TFA teachers? Yes it is.economists Hilary Hoynes and Di
Reign of Error on Brian Lehrer - 30 Issues: Diane Ravitch on School Reform
Sometimes I'm down on Brian over his ed coverage but he gave Diane quite a good platform. But did I have to hear him play yet again a clip from Merryl Tisch? When I hear her it sounds like she's slurping milk between syllables. Diane pretty much covers most issues on charters -- except she didn't point to the attrition rate. Like how the numbers drop in each cohort as it marches on through the gra
Contents of Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School in Newark, NJ Auctioned Off
Contents of Newark, NJ Charter SchoolTuesday, September 17th 11AM Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School 15 James Street Newark, NJ 07102 ABSOLUTE AUCTION Charter Revoked.  Trustee Ordered Auction Apple & HP Computers DLP Projectors, Smartboards Schoolastic Furniture & More The tip came in this email from a teacher in NYC: Norm,They now hold auctions to sell the contents of closing CHARTER
9-23-13 Ed Notes Online
Ed Notes Online: Today: Back to Portelos HearingIt is game 2 of the Portelos vs the DOE et al and we expect some retiree MOREs to be there. We agreed not to reveal details until the case is over but we can write generally about the hearing. Transcripts are available which I assume can be published one day. See my reports from the last session.Portelos Hearing: NY Post Reporter Reuven Fenton C...He