Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pension Heist: Revisited | Reclaim Reform

Pension Heist: Revisited | Reclaim Reform:

Pension Heist: Revisited

Revisited and updated from 5/15/13 to reflect the full extent of today’s attempts at the grand theft of teacher pensions.
Pension theft in Illinois (and many other states, counties, cities and towns across America) simply has puppets with local legislative names and even some union names mouthing the words and following the steps.
puppets scissors
The Corporate Puppet Theater of Absurd Greed.
Since a unilateral political decision to cut public pensions is definitely illegal, unions and their leaders must be part of the cast of characters. This is essential for an effective retirement heist. All future ease of theft and destruction require it.
“We could convince the union that unless we reduce our retiree and employees costs we will be unable to continue to operate… thus creating significant hardship for their