Saturday, June 22, 2013

“those teachers are failures” | Gary Rubinstein's Blog

“those teachers are failures” | Gary Rubinstein's Blog:

“those teachers are failures”

It is nearly July which means that it is the time of year, again, where I offer my unsolicited, and generally unwanted, analysis of some of the blog entries by the newest cohort of TFA corps members.  I generally take a lot of criticism for doing this, even from people who regularly read my blog.  Mainly this is because people don’t understand my intentions or because they don’t believe that my intentions are what I say they are.  So, for the record:
I am not trying to pass judgement on the CMs, themselves.  I am using their writing as a window into what is / is not being taught to them at the institute.  My primary purpose is to show the deficiencies in the TFA training which can help others, especially the bloggers whose posts I’m writing about, be aware of them.
The most reflective bloggers are generally not offended and upset by my choosing their blog posts as examples.  One of the best blogs on this site is called ‘Middle School Hero.’  Last year I featured one of his posts about his