Monday, April 22, 2013

UPDATE: Ravitch Asks the Questions Ed Notes Online: Son is Not Taking the State Tests

Ed Notes Online: Josmar Trujillo: Why My Son is Not Taking the State Tests:

DOE Official: State Ed, Tisch and the power players Pearson etc. are on a mission to destroy parent voice

State Ed, Tisch and the power players Pearson etc. are on a mission to destroy parent voice. This whole thing is a sham. Parents are being bullied and coerced into taking these corporate sponsored assessments. They can NOT be forced take this but State Ed is making it extremely difficult giving the appearance that it is illegal.... Someone who works for the DOE
Interesting point from someone who works for the DOE. Here is the edited email (to protect the sender):
What are teachers supposed to do when a parent shows up with a letter stating that they were not 

Ravitch Asks the Questions Leo Casey Avoids As He Finds Excuses to Align With Gates

Oh, sophistry, thy name is Leo Casey.

There is nothing like another missive from "AFT/UFT Excuse-maker in chief" Leo Casey to obfuscate an issue.

Last week he asked: Is There A ‘Corporate Education Reform’ Movement?”, using former Superintendent and policy maker Larry Cuban's case for there not being a corporate conspiracy as a jumping off point. Cuban closes with:

these “corporate reformers” have achieved some important and, to my way of thinking, worthwhile changes in the rhetoric and policy of school improvement. I take those changes up in Part 2.

Casey, in trying to justify the collaboration of the AFT/UFT with deformers, tries to distinguish...
two different senses of the term “corporate education reform” – the notion that there is a movement for education reform led by corporate elites and the idea that there is a movement for education 

Randi Sellout Tour Coming to Fruition in Newark

if you can't trust these people with the budget, how are you going to trust them with teacher pay? Too many details were left to be ironed out later. Well, now it's later. And NJDOE is unveiling a teacher evaluation system soillogicalinnumeratedeceptiveill-informed, and franklybizarre that the prospect of a fair merit pay system looks increasingly remote.

One of our fave bloggers, Jersey Jazzman, who followed the Newark contract talks in depth on his blog, gives us the latest update, which he translates into: NJ's new teacher evaluation system: Operation Hindenberg

Joe Del Grosso joins a long line of local leaders from Detroit, Hartford, 

Josmar Trujillo: Why My Son is Not Taking the State Tests

One of the strongest motivating factors for our decision was how politicized and pressurized the environment around testing has become.... Josmar Trujillo

I met Josmar, who was co-PTA president a year ago when the DOE wanted to close Peninsula Prep and even though I have a strong position opposing charters, it is still not easy closing down a school. So I wrote a column about the sleazy crew at Tweed and the games they play with everyone.

Why My Son is Not Taking the State Tests

April 18, 2013, 4:00 a.m.

DeBlasio Calls for Investigation of Moskowitz Operation: Monday 1PM Press Conf

“If they spent all that money, why are there still holes in the ceiling of the locker room?” asked Pamela Bynoe, president of the Global parents association. As for those special-education renovations, Cecila Green, whose child attends that school, says no major repairs have been done, except for a paint job last summer and some new smart boards. Oh, and those lighting fixtures leaking PCBs? They are still present in all the classrooms of the three public schools. ... Juan Gonzalez
Monday, April 22 at 1PM at Tweed (52 Chambers Street) event calling for an investigation into Success Academy. Bill deBlasio will be hosting a press conference calling for an investigation into Success Academy and Eva Moskowitz.

This alone might make diBlasio my favorite for mayor.

deBlasio will be talking about the special access the NYCDOE gives Eva Moskowitz and the disparities between