Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seattle School Board Meeting TFA Testimony-September 21, 2001

Save Seattle Schools Community Blog: Seattle School Board Meeting Testimony-September 21, 2001:

Seattle School Board Meeting Testimony-September 21, 2001

Last night was interesting because the Board meeting was split into halves; one half the shiny and prepped TFA folks and the other side ...the rest of us. What was interesting is that TFA seemed to only want to clap when TFA folks spoke while the rest of us knew the (polite) drill and clapped for everyone. You notice these things when you've been to a lot of these meetings.

I'll just go over the speaker testimony and do a separate thread on the latter half of the meeting.
The first speaker, as always, was a group from one our high schools, this time Franklin. The young man gave an impassioned rap/poem (and I'll contrast this "passion" later with the "passion" that was alleged to have been shown by Kenneth Maldonado, a TFA sub at South Shore). This young man was not emotional but allowed his feelings to show through his words and tempo and expression in his voice. He spoke about being a student and