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Butcher Brown: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
' Butcher Brown takes to a restaurant's rooftop terrace in the band's hometown of Richmond, Va., for a home concert and sizzles from the first note. The band opens with "Sticky July," a tune every bit as catchy as its name implies; think rollerskating with a popsicle under a cloudless sky of blue. When you think you've figured it out, keyboardist DJ Harrison switches it up, launching into a solo
Acting Is 'Problem Solving,' Says Courtney B. Vance
'Actor Courtney B. Vanc e plays Rev. C. L. Franklin in the National Geographic series, Genius: Aretha , now streaming on Hulu, which chronicles the conflicts that developed between father and daughter. For Vance, playing Aretha Franklin 's father was a chance to reconnect to his own roots. He grew up "churched," in Detroit, with music all around.' -- Fresh Air
New York City's Influence On Latin Music
'Felix Contreras host of Alt.Latino , speaks with Ben Lapidu s, author of New York and the International Sound of Latin Music, 1940-1990 . The deeply researched and resourced page-tuner puts the music we hear today into historical context. In the book, the scholar and Grammy-nominated musician posits that New York City and its Latin musicians have actually influenced in other countries across Lat
Do The Golden Arches Bend Toward Justice?
'Calls for racial justice are met with a lot of different proposals, but one of the loudest and most enduring is to invest in Black businesses. But can "buying Black" actually do anything to mitigate racism? To find out, Code Switch takes a look at the surprising link between Black capitalism and McDonald's.'
Invisible Blackness – How Black is Black Enough? An Interview with Wayne Brady
" Multidisciplinary performer, producer and host Wayne Brady is the comedic force you may know as the Black guy on "Whose line is it anyway”. As a renaissance talent with a brand that seduces mainstream America, he is our generation's Nat King Cole . In this episode of Invisible Blacknes s Wayne and host Adrian Younge discuss the power of code switching, defining success and exploring the idea of
Harlem On My Mind: Abram Hill
'In the final installment of Harlem on My Mind , Trymaine Lee learns about the legacy of playwright Abram Hill , who used his work to center Black characters, Black audiences, and Black communities unapologetically. Abram Hill co-founded the American Negro Theater in 1940, operating a small 150-seat theater from the basement of Harlem’s Schomburg Center. The American Negro Theater, also known as
Confronting Stereotypes Through Swim Lessons
" Paulana Lamonier , founder of Black People Will Swim , joins All Of It to discuss the program’s initiative to teach 2,020 people to swim by 2022 and to confront stereotypes about Black people and swimming."

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