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Lee High teacher reassigned to paid, non-teaching post amid controversy over BLM flag, her organization says #BLM #BLACKLIVESMATTER #SPLC

Lee High teacher reassigned to paid, non-teaching post amid controversy over BLM flag, her organization says
Lee High teacher reassigned to paid, non-teaching post amid controversy over BLM flag, her organization says
Students planned demonstration but it was shut down by school staff

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Robert E. Lee High School teacher who was told to remove a “Black Lives Matter” flag from outside her classroom, has been administratively reassigned, according to the Duval County Public Schools district.

A spokesperson for DCPS told News4Jax Thursday morning that a claim by The Evac Movement organization on its social media page -- that its cofounder, Amy Donofrio, was suspended from Robert E. Lee High School is false.

Laureen Ricks of DCPS said Donofrio has been “administratively reassigned to paid, non-teaching duties” effective Thursday.

“The district has opened a human resources matter to review allegations of potential misconduct under school board policy and the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida,” Ricks said in response to a Public Records request by News4Jax. “The presumption of innocence applies, However, Ms. Donofrio has been removed from school and classroom duties while the matter is reviewed.”

Donofrio was embroiled in controversy after Lee High School administrators ordered her to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from her classroom doorway by the end of the day Tuesday. Donofrio did not comply with the directive and said administrators removed the banner Tuesday night.

Students at the school told News4Jax they had planned to stage a “peaceful assembly” Wednesday morning in response to a school administrator’s removal of a the flag.

A Lee High School senior said the school’s staff prevented the demonstration from happening.

“Security stood outside, like at every block way,” the senior said. “During the time that we were supposed to walk out, they stood and blocked everything.”

Duval County Public Schools spokesperson Tracy Pierce told News4Jax there’s a big difference between the student-led demonstrations that occurred in February and what was planned Wednesday.

“Students aren’t allowed to organize an assembly without the involvement of the school’s administration,” Pierce said. “You can’t have an unplanned, impromptu demonstration.”

The 12th-grader told News4Jax that many students created and posted make-shift “BLM” signs on the CONTINUE READING: Lee High teacher reassigned to paid, non-teaching post amid controversy over BLM flag, her organization says

“Ms. Donofrio, you’re making ME a cake too, right?”Facebook -

I am bringing this to your attention as a concerned citizen and public school parent in Florida. This conduct from Duval County Public Schools is egregious. To silence any teacher's speech in support of Black Lives Matter in schools is to fail to protect and support black and brown students in the current climate, which has proven oppressive to these youth.

Is DCPS saying that Black Lives DO NOT Matter?



On March 24, 13-year teacher, Amy Donofrio was “administratively reassigned” after refusing to remove a “Black Lives Matter” flag that had been hanging outside of her classroom since October 2020.


Amy is a teacher at (Robert E) Lee High School in Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), Jacksonville, FL. She is the founder

of #EVAC a transformative leadership program that saw Black high school students flown to Harvard, winning debates, and some even met President Obama.


The escalation of community events:

Mar 20 - Video clip from Lee High School renaming meeting goes viral

Mar 24 - “Donofrio criticized (Stevens’) racist comments and said that it demonstrates a need for DCPS to take a firm stance on racism. Hours later, Stevens took to social media, sharing screenshots from Donofrio’s Facebook page, including the Nov. 7 post showing the BLM flag, and called on his followers to contact school administrators. The following morning, Donofrio said, is when she received the ultimatum.”

"Donofrio said the BLM flag that was removed from in front of her classroom is the same one that is seen at the head of a student- led demonstration in February, in which Principal Feagins participated.”


April 16 - The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit against DCPS and Scott Schneider.

SPLC sues Duval Schools on behalf of teacher removed for refusing to take down Black Lives Matter flag SPLC: So We’re Suing

SPLC: Teacher Disciplined For BLM Flag Sues Duval County Public Schools For Retaliation

SPLC: Donofrio V. Duval County Public Schools and Scott Schneider

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - EVAC Founder and teacher files lawsuit with SPLC against DCPS


Apr 21 - (Click for photos): Ms. Donofrio, you’re making ME a cake too, right?

"In 13 yrs of teaching, I’ve learned there’s SO MUCH of my kids’ lives I CAN’T fix…but what i CAN do is use opportunities to create moments of belonging, love & joy. To make our classes a family. Today is exactly 4 weeks since I’ve (been) in our classroom home. It’s the 1st bdays I’m missing. And it’s so painful. But tho I can’t bring it to them, I’m keeping my word to celebrate their LIVES. I’m making their cake.”



Powerful Ted Talk about EVAC: At-Risk or At-Hope? How We Label Youth Matters | Amy Donofrio | TEDxJacksonville school


The 2016 NYT article about EVAC students that garnered national attention and the attention of President Obama: Court Costs Entrap Nonwhite, Poor Juvenile Offenders


DCPS actions punish Amy Donofrio for creating a safe space for black and brown students in her classroom; AND deny those students access to their trusted teacher at the end of this most challenging year – seniors, who will be robbed of celebrating their last high school milestones with their teacher, who has supported them fully. I call on DCPS to reinstate Amy Donofrio’s teaching status in her previous capacity and to remove any disciplinary actions regarding this event from her permanent record.