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What Was Lost and What Can Be Gained? On Coloniality and Planetary Black Citizenship
'Historian Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni on colonialism's deep (ongoing) legacy of dehumanization, the exclusionary nation-state and his article Black Citizenship and the Problem of "Coloniality" for Black Agenda Report's Black Citizenship Forum.' -- This is Hell! This is Hell! · What was lost and what can be gained? On coloniality and planetary Black citizenship.
Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams On Harnessing Their Power as Black Women
' Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams know how to harness their power. These bold, towering figures may come from vastly different professional backgrounds, but the outspoken women share much in common, not the least of which is giving voice to pertinent issues in their respective fields and attaining success in their careers against all odds. Their primary connection, however, lies within their core p
Getting the Record Staright: Master Musician; Master Educator -- Guthrie Ramsey
On this episode of Getting the Record Straight , band leader, musician/composer, author and university professor Guthrie Ramsey talks Chick Corea, the appeal of Jazz music, the healing power of music and the impact and history of Black music. Ramsey is the Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor of Music at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of Race Music: Black Cultures from Bebop
Left of Black S11 · E15 | Making Reparations A Reality with A. Kirsten Mullen and Dr. William "Sandy" Darity
Reparations– a long contested topic that has recently gotten a resurgence in our public discourse as our nation grapples with the ongoing legacy of white supremacy and systemic racism. More scholars and activists are making the case for the necessity of reparations, not just for reconciliation from the evils of American slavery and Jim Crow that followed soon after, but to finally have a whole na
"LEVAS": Al Strong -- "Lift Every Voice and Sing" (The Bull City Arrangement)
'“LEVAS” is trumpet musician Al Strong ’s heartfelt arrangement of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the classic hymn also known as the “Negro National Anthem.” A rich and elaborate 8-minute odyssey, “LEVAS” is a tribute to the Black American experience and a love offering from an artist dedicated to the preservation of Black culture. The inspiration for this undertaking came in early 2020 during a pe

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The Mothers Who Raised Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and James Baldwin
'"I decided to focus on mothers because of this further erasure that happens to mothers. Motherhood is so overlooked," says Anna Malaika Tubbs , author of The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped A Nation .' -- 1A
The Life and Legacy of Johnny Pacheco and Fania Records
'Widelyconsidered the “Godfather of Salsa,” the Dominican-born Johnny Pacheco helped popularize Salsa music internationally, with his label Fania eventually becoming known as the quote “Motown of Salsa.” A Juilliard-trained instrumentalist, Pacheco joined forces with lawyer Jerry Masucci in 1964 to form Fania Records. The label had humble beginnings, literally selling albums out of car trunks in
Grammy Nominee Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
'Composer and trumpet player Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is up for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the Grammys this year for his live album, Axiom . He’s also nominated in the Best Improvised Jazz Solo category. He also has a new live album with the Robert Glasper-led supergroup, R+R=Now, which features Terrace Martin, Derrick Hodge, Taylor McFerrin, and Justin Tyson. He joins All Of It

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Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat | Part 3 with Todd Boyd
'The third and final segment of The Broad series Time Decorated: The Musical Influences of Jean-Michel Basquiat is delivered by Dr. Todd Boyd , a.k.a. "Notorious PhD", who examines the rich cultural era in which Jean-Michel Basquiat emerged and draws a line from bebop to hip hop. Boyd’s keen observations on Basquiat’s subject matter and style reveal how popular American culture, Black culture, sp
Andra Day Talks the Power of Billie Holiday
' Andra Day talks about her feelings and excitement to play the legendary singer, Billie Holiday , during a Los Angeles Times Oscar Roundtable photoshoot.'

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The Tight Rope: The Lucas Bros. & Lil Rel on 'Judas and the Black Messiah'
'This special edition of The Tight Rope features the Lucas Brothers -- co-writers for the new film JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH -- and actor Lil Rel Howery who had a powerful cameo in the film. JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH -- directed by Shaka King and produced by Ryan Coogler and Charles King -- tells the story of Fred Hampton , Chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party, and his betrayal by FBI

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