Thursday, October 22, 2020

Teacher Tom: "What Makes Their Beauty is Invisible"

Teacher Tom: "What Makes Their Beauty is Invisible"
"What Makes Their Beauty is Invisible"

My wife has always been a big supporter of mine, although she isn't always happy with my middle class bag lady habit of collecting bits and bobs, doodads and doohickies, parts and portions. I ate the same brand of yoghurt for over a decade, not because the product was so special, but because I wanted to keep adding to my collection of matching containers which we used around the school for everything from storage to sand play. There's a box on the kitchen counter for collecting the debris from our lives, another larger box in the laundry room is there for the larger stuff, and there are informal piles and stacks in drawers and side tables throughout the apartment. I know she lives with the perpetual urge to toss it all out behind my back. The fact that she fights that urge tells me how much she loves me.

Most of what I collect winds up in the "glue gun box" a large tub of miscellaneous garbage through which the kids rummage for materials with which to construct their hot glue gun creations. Consistently, among the most popular items to be found in the box are the leftover shells from my asthma inhalers. I know, it sounds a little gross, I suppose, but I do sanitize them at home in my dishwasher, and no matter how many I've collected, they all get used within days.

The sort of short letter L shape, makes them perfect "blasters" with which to arm a space ship. Their sturdiness allows them to be used as solid foundations. The fact that CONTINUE READING: Teacher Tom: "What Makes Their Beauty is Invisible"