Sunday, December 2, 2018

Badass Teachers Association: Solidarity with #UTLAStrong ! #TBATs #StrikeReady #kidsdeserveit #marchforpubliced #WeAreCTA @WeAreCTA

Badass Teachers Association: Solidarity with #UTLAStrong!
Solidarity with #UTLAStrong!
Things are heating up in Los Angeles...and we are paying close attention!
We have mentioning the contract campaign that UTLA has been running since we first spoke with UTLA leadership this summer. What first sparked our interest in this contract campaign was how UTLA went about developing the demands for their contract proposals. The development of their demands was done with the inclusion of what community members wanted to see in Los Angeles schools, not just salary and benefit demands. Utilizing what is known as bargaining for the common good, LA brought forth a list of contract demands that have not been seen in educational spaces in a long time.
To learn more about bargaining for the common good, check out this resource from Labor Notes!
But the fight that Los Angeles is facing goes even deeper than just a contract battle. UTLA is standing up against strong forces that are working hard to take over the school district. Led by millionaire superintendent Austin Beutner, a portfolio model is being pushed into Los Angeles Unified School District under the misleading campaign of “Great Public Schools Now.” But, as we have seen in other cities like Newark, Indianapolis, and New Orleans this is just a neoliberal reform that brings in charter schools, undermines union power, and reduces local control.
As we watch things roll out in Los Angeles, another notable thing is happening, educators all over California are rising to the call for solidarity.
Battles are also being fought in Oakland (Interesting how these fights are in large communities of color…) From OPEN; “After suffering 2 years of budget cuts and with almost 30% of Oakland's students now attending charter school's Oakland’s school board is poised to pass Continue reading: Badass Teachers Association: Solidarity with #UTLAStrong!
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