Monday, July 20, 2015

What Debate? - The Crucial VoiceThe Crucial Voice

What Debate? - The Crucial VoiceThe Crucial Voice:

What Debate? 

The marketing campaign to FIX No Child Left Behind began back in January withannouncements that there would be debate.
A draft of the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015 was released and many newspapers and education associations picked up the story including the American Educational Research Association.
“The draft bill contains several provisions related to research. If enacted, the bill would task the Institute of Education Sciences with evaluating Title I activities. In addition, state plans submitted to the Department of Education would be approved unless the department presented“substantial high-quality education research” that demonstrated that a plan would be ineffective or inappropriate. The bill does not define high-quality education research.
Alexander has made it clear that he hopes to have a substantial discussion about ESEA.”
Discussion? Debate? Both are important and citizens should have been included to help shape and direct the debate about “fixing” the law. After-all, we were the ones who were subjected to the consequences of bad ideas being passed by congress and signed into law, in this case, by then President Bush. And there was never an official parental complaint process!
But instead of the anticipated discussion, Senator Alexander immediately directed “the debate” to the topic of Testing and Accountability while avoiding the topic of national What Debate? - The Crucial VoiceThe Crucial Voice: