Thursday, April 18, 2013

New York ELA day 3 more #pearson & #NYSED fail – @ the chalk face

New York ELA day 3 more #pearson & #NYSED fail – @ the chalk face:

New York ELA day 3 more #pearson & #NYSED fail

Here are some early updates:
  • Nike sneakers in 6th grade reading passage.  Our children face enough commercialization in their lives as it is.  We do not need this is our schools.  I guess we can call the passages “Infomercial texts” (credit to Leonie for that quote)
The future of our schools thanks to Common Core? Or are they the “Corporate Commercial State Standards”
PopoutSpell check.  Does Pearson hire copy editors or does that hurt the bottom line?
  • The Day 3 teacher direction book had a line of text repeated and several spelling mistakes.

New Orleans Shows the Limitations of "No Excuses" Schools

The debate over “No Excuses” schools has focused on their attrition rate and their potential for being scaled up. Schools such as New Orleans Sci Academy have produced great college acceptance rates for students who are dedicated enough to meet their goal of “100% of cultural expectations 100% of the time.” It is too soon to tell, however, whether their culture prepares their graduates for life beyond the classroom.An important subtheme of Sarah Carr’s Hope Against Hope, a narrative of a year in three New Orleans

Coverage of Opt Out’s Occupy DOE 2.0

From Education Opportunity Network:

Occupy The Department Of Education Ushers In America’s Angry Spring

No offense, but the Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education building in Washington, DC is not a pretty sight.
Crossing the National Mall on 4th street, you pass between the glisteningly modern National Air and Space Museum and the sculpted brown stone of the National Museum of the American Indian to come face to face with what can only be described as a monument to bland austerity.
It was at the base of this concrete and glass slab that a band of public school teachers, university professors, librarians, parents, and students gathered to speak out against the nation’s current regime of testing students, firing teachers, and closing public schools.

Action, Not Tributes and Rhetoric

Political tributes and rhetoric allow one existence for the power elites while preserving an entirely different existence for everyone else. In education reform, this is calling for and implementing policy for “other people’s children” that is unlike what those in power secure for their own children.
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