Monday, July 1, 2013

Hedge Ur Bets | EduShyster

Hedge Ur Bets | EduShyster:

Hedge Ur Bets

A Wall Street insider tells the charter schools sector ‘you’re not all that’…
By Mazinger Z
Charter school proponents were all atwitter last week when CREDO released an update to its landmark 2009 study comparing performance to their public schools “competition.” The press release trumpeted that in 2013, charter school students were a whole “8 days of learning in reading beyond their local peers in public schools,” and were running just about even in math. Now, an average of 4 learning days doesn’t sound like much, but if true, it would certainly be an improvement over charter schools’ below-mediocre performance in the previous 2009 study, where charter students were shown to be an average of almost 15 days behind their public school