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Saturday, October 16, 2021


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Collab Crib: Atlanta’s Black Influencers Takeover TikTok
' In this episode of Complex World, we profile a whole new kind of American Dream. Collab Crib is an Atlanta Tik Tok house where a group of young Black influencers live and work together to build their personal and collective brands — and hope to become rich and famous.' -- Complex News
Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: Melanie Charles
'Within the warm walls of Williamsburg Music Center, one of Brooklyn's last surviving Black-owned jazz venues, Melanie Charles takes NPR Music on a journey that embodies the soul of jazz: exploration. A Brooklynite proud of her rich Haitian heritage, Charles is conscious of the giant shoulders upon which she stands and takes steps to both honor and advance this music. Behind her, smiling pictures
Afropop Worldwide: Toronto's African Scene
'Toronto is Canada’s most cosmopolitan city—“like New York but mellower” in the words of Kofi Ackah , son of the Ghanaian highlife legend Jewel Ackah . Kofi is one of many superb African artists who have made Toronto their home over the years. That list is long, and it has included highlife star Pat Thomas , South Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal , rising Congolese star Blandine , Malagasy guitarist
Tracking the Health Impacts of Grief: 'People suffer when they lose someone'
'Grief, whether it's caused by COVID-19 or other deaths, has a medical cost: It’s linked to higher blood pressure, shorter lives, depression and sleeping problems. And when we consider that 700,000 people have died of the coronavirus alone in the U.S., the number of those grieving is now easily in the millions. Toni Miles , professor at University of Georgia’s College of Public Health, tells Here
Ben Jealous: Why I Went to Jail on October 5
Why I Went to Jail on October 5 by Ben Jealous | @BenJealous | NewBlackMan (in Exile) Sometimes friends have to hold friends accountable. That’s why I got arrested outside the White House on Oct. 5. I was there with other civil rights and religious leaders to call on President Joe Biden to do more to protect voting rights that are under attack. We know that President Biden supports voting rights.
Billy Porter on Juggling the Demands of Stardom
'Actor-dancer-singer-director Billy Porter has won Tony, Emmy and Grammy Awards, and is author of a new memoir, Unprotected . He talks with CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Seth Doan e about a childhood filled with years of rejection, doubt and abuse – and about how he survived and triumphed.'
The Art of Leadership with John Hope Bryant
'What does it take to build and excel as an executive of color, while also building wealth? John Hope Bryant , the conscious capitalist, has chartered an envious business journey as a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, philanthropist, and prominent thought leader on financial inclusion, economic empowerment and financial dignity. His nonprofit organization Operation Hope has helpe
A Black Family Got Their Beach Back — and Inspired Others to Fight Against Land Theft
'The beachfront land — known as Bruce's Beach in Manhattan Beach, Calif. — is being returned to the descendants of Charles and Willa Bruce 97 years after it was taken from them. The historic Bruce's Beach case is inspiring social justice leaders and reparations activists to fight for other Black families whose ancestors were also victims of land theft in the United States.'
On Disability and Work Under Capitalism, and the Abolitionist Horizon
'Writer Keith Rosenthal joins This is Hell! to discuss the lives and labor of people with disabilities under (and beyond) the capitalist state, and his article "Carceral Histories of Disability: An Abolitionist Analysis " for Spectre Journal.' This is Hell! · On disability and work under capitalism, and the abolitionist horizon.
Millennials Are Killing Capitalism: "Capacity for Capacious & Expansive Imagination” Ashon Crawley on Queerness, Blackpentecostalism and Otherwise Worlds
'In this episode of Millennials Are Killing Capitalism, an interview with Ashon Crawley , Professor of Religious Studies and African American Studies at the University of Virginia and author of Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility and The Lonely Letters . Crawley delves into the context in which both works were created. Along the way Ashon shares reflections on religion, doctrin
LARB Radio Hour | Kelefa Sanneh’s 'Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Genres'
' LARB Radio Hour host Kate Wolf speaks with writer Kelefa Sanneh about his debut book, Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Genres . An exhaustive, enthralling breakdown of the last 50 years in music, Major Labels diagrams the American sonic landscape, Alfred Barr-style, in the discrete yet overlapping categories of rock, R&B, country, punk, hip hop, dance, and pop; it also pays clo
One Hundred: The Ed Gordon Podcast with Donnie Simpson
'On this episode of One Hundred , host Ed Gordon talks with radio and TV legend Donnie Simpson . They talk about their years at BET, his hall of fame radio career and the relaunch of Video Soul, the popular music program Simpson hosted “back in the day".'
TheBlerdGurl Podcast with Karama Horne: Alfred Enoch Discusses Diversity in the Far Future of 'Foundation' on Apple TV+
'This episode of theblerdgurl podcast features actor Alfred Enoch . Best known for portraying Dean Thomas in the blockbuster Harry Potter films and Wes Gibbins on the ABC television series How to Get Away With Murder Alfred is one of the stars of the new Apple TV + epic series Foundation . For those unfamiliar, Apple TV’s new show Foundation is based on the legendary Isaac Asimov’s Foundation ser

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