Saturday, October 10, 2020

THIS WEEK Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Education Research Report

Automatic enrollment yields big dividends in children's early learning program
Duke study shows automatic enrollment, paired with option to opt-out, is highly effective at boosting parents' participation DUKE UNIVERSITY Research News SHARE PRINT E-MAIL IMAGE: AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT, PAIRED WITH OPTION TO OPT-OUT, YIELDS BIG DIVIDENDS IN CHILDREN'S EARLY LEARNING PROGRAM view more CREDIT: LISA GENNETIAN, DUKE UNIVERSITY DURHAM, N.C. - Researchers know that texting programs can

OCT 05

How long does the preschool advantage last?
Attending preschool boosts young children's math, literacy skills, but peers catch up in kindergarten, study finds AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Children who attend preschool enter kindergarten with greater skills than those who don't, but that advantage is nearly halved by the end of the year as their counterparts quickly begin to catch up, according to research published by the American Ps
Digital Messaging to Improve College Enrollment and Success
This study i nvestigates the efficacy of text messaging campaigns to remind students about and support them with key steps in the college search, application, selection and transition process. First, in collaboration with the College Board and uAspire, both national non-profit organizations, the authors implemented text-message based outreach and advising to students in over 700 US high schools t
State Investment in Higher Education: Effects on Human Capital Formation, Student Debt, and Long-term Financial Outcomes
Most public colleges and universities rely heavily on state financial support. As state budgets have tightened in recent decades, appropriations for higher education have declined substantially. Despite concerns expressed by policymakers and scholars that the declines in state support have reduced the return to education investment for public sector students, little evidence exists that can ident
Community College Baccalaureate Graduates - Demographics and Labor Market Outcomes
Full report In this report explores the demographic characteristics and labor market outcomes of baccalaureate graduates from the Florida College System and compare them to associate degree graduates in similar fields. Better understanding of who CCB graduates are—including how they may differ from other students—and whether they reap better economic rewards than associate degree graduates will s

OCT 02

A social-belonging intervention improves STEM outcomes for ESL students
CAPTION A social-belonging intervention improves STEM outcomes for students who speak English as a second language. CREDIT Provided by Indiana University A study conducted at 19 universities by IU researchers and their colleagues in the U.S. and Canada, found that a brief social belonging exercise, administered online before students arrive on campus, boosts the performance and persistence of stu
Receiving disciplinary equity reports doesn't improve disciplinary equity
One commonly used strategy used in attempts to decrease racial disproportionality in school discipline across the country is sharing data with school administrators that discipline disparities are a problem in their schools with the assumption that it will increase attention to equity and improve outcomes. The purpose of this stud y was to assess the effects of providing monthly disciplinary equi
Prior Problem Behaviors Do Not Account for the Racial Suspension Gap
At the end of 2018, Obama-era disciplinary guidance aimed at reducing the use of suspensions in schools (especially for minorities and students with disabilities) was revoked by the U.S. Department of Education. A key piece of research supporting the decision was based on the analyses of the Early 

Education Research Report