Thursday, June 19, 2014

6-19-14 Answer Sheet

Answer Sheet:

And now, a Common Core brawl
You’d think that the heated debate, overcharged rhetoric and complete nonsense being spouted for and against the Common Core State Standards would be enough for one education reform. But no, now we have a brawl. Yes, in Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal — who loved the Core before he hated it — has essentially declared war […]

Aren’t California tenure policies in fact unreasonable? Plus 4 more Vergara questions asked and answered
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu handed down a ruling in Vergara vs California this month tossing out California statutes providing job protections to teachers, siding with plaintiffs who argued that California children who live in low-income families receive an inadequate education because they get weak teachers who can’t be fired. The ruling has […]
From Redskins to Redhawks: Why one Washington high school changed team name after 88 years
This week, a Washington state high school whose sports teams were known as the Redskins for 88 years gave final approval for a new logo with the team’s new name: The Redhawks. Why did it make the change? Because it determined that while tradition was important and change is hard, the Redskins name is disparaging […]

6-18-14 Answer Sheet
Answer Sheet: Sarcasm, Scarlett Johannson and why machines should never grade student writingCan machines really grade essays as well as humans? Naturally, there is a study that says they can (there are studies saying just about everything), but a number of experts say otherwise. Here’s one of them, writing about why the machines are inferior graders and should not be used. It was written by Maja