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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

CATCH UP WITH ECLECTABLOG AND Your middle & high school-aged daughter can become part of the network of unstoppable girls! | Eclectablog

Your middle & high school-aged daughter can become part of the network of unstoppable girls! | Eclectablog
Your middle & high school-aged daughter can become part of the network of unstoppable girls!

I recently became aware of two programs being offered by Michigan Women Forward (MWF), a community development nonprofit group that is dedicated to empowering women and girls of all ages. The programs are being offered specifically to middle school and high school girls in Michigan. Both programs are being presented virtually (though they hope to go back to in-person in 2022.)

I spoke with the woman who is the driving force behind these amazing efforts, Meaghan Bergman, the Program Manager for UGOGirls and HERstory. She was brimming with enthusiasm for these programs, both of which have spots for 50 girls this year.

Virtual S.T.E.A.M
S.T.E.A.M. stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. You may often see this as “STEM” because not all groups include the “A”: Arts (an unfortunate omission, in my opinion.) Meaghan described how she sees STEAM education as a gender equity issue because the arts are often considered feminine and, therefore, less valuable.

For this program, MWF has partnered with Motor City STEAM and it is opened to all kids who identify as girls and are entering grades 6-8 this fall. Girls in this program will be receiving two different “experiments in a box”. Last year, the first week’s box was CONTINUE READING: Your middle & high school-aged daughter can become part of the network of unstoppable girls! | Eclectablog

Michigan AG Nessel is being sued to restore earned paid sick time & increased minimum wage laws
In 2018, worker advocacy groups gathered enough signatures to put several citizen-initiated ballot proposals on the November ballot. However, according to law, before that happens, the legislature has the ability to make them law immediately by passing them as legislation. If this is done, it bypasses the governor and they become law without the governor’s signature. There were several ballot […]
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Paid time off to get a COVID-19 shot is good, earned sick time for all workers is better
Late last month, the Biden administration to an important and necessary step of offering a tax credit to employers who offer paid time off related to COVID-19 or the vaccination. To qualify, the must be a business with under 500 employees that offered paid sick or family leave to their employees through September 30th of this year and have employees […] The post first appeared on Eclectablog .
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