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Monday, June 22, 2020


CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Fathers Day Edition (6/21

 Fathers Day Edition

I've had my hands full elsewhere, and have been spending refreshingly little time on line, but I still have a few goodies to pass along. Remember, sharing is caring,

What Teachers Want
American Education Research Journal has some research about what it takes to attract and retain teachers. A fun conversation starter.

Looking for the Missing  
NBC News has the story of Detroit teachers who went looking for students who went missing when schools shut down.

Charter Schools Tap Coronarelief
Erica Green at the NYT with a story of how some charter schools are wearing their "business" hats when money is involved.

Netflix billionaire building secret luxury teacher retreat
Reed "Who needs elected school boards" Hastings has another fun eduproject. Rich amateurs messing in education-- what could possibly go wrong?

What Anti-racist teachers do differently
The Atlantic with a cool story about How It's Done

The Beginning of the End for Testing?
Valeria Strauss with some analysis about where we are right now with the whole Big Standardized Test love affair.

Standardized Tests Increase School Segregation  
Steven Singer explains how standardized testing adds to our segregation problems.

Arrested Development: How Police Ended Up In Schools
Have You Heard (the only podcast we actually follow here at the Curmudgucation Institute) takes a look at how we ended up with the halls of school being policed like the streets of a city.

On Comparing Education Spending Across Time   
Nobody explains and clarifies the esoteric issues of school funding better than Mark "Jersey Jazzman" Weber. Here's a guide to the meaning and use of some of those figures folks like to throw around.

Ask Dads How To Reimagine Public Schools   
Nancy Bailey offers a Fathers Day look at what fathers would like to see in the world of reimagined public education.

Strummin' On The Ol Banjo  
Nancy Flanagan takes a look at issues that music teachers face, and how they are really some of the same issues all teachers face.

CURMUDGUCATION: ICYMI: Fathers Day Edition (6/21


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No, Software Still Can't Grade Student Essays
One of the great white whales of computer-managed education and testing is the dream of robo-scoring, software that can grade a piece of writing as easily and efficiently as software can score multiple choice questions. Robo-grading would be swift, cheap, and consistent. The only problem after all these years is that it still can’t be done. Still, ed tech companies keep making claims that they ha
AEI And The Commodification Of Education
The American Enterprise Institute comes from that part of the ed reform spectrum devoted to free market approaches. But a new report from AEI really pushes the boundaries of treating education as a commodity like a house or a piece of jewelry. Really. The report is entitled " An Appraisal Market for K-12 Education " and it's authored by Lindsey Burke, the director of the Center for Education Polic
Rebecca Friedrichs Still Hates The Teachers Unions
In 2014, Rebecca Friedrichs, after twenty-some years in the classroom, decided to go ahead and be the face of a lawsuit that would be derailed when Justice Scalia died. The court would eventually get to take their shot at unions with the Janus case. But while Friedrichs may have lost a lawsuit, she did manage to launch a career as a far-right Christianist spokesperson . She has done plenty of work
To Those Of You Worried About The Covid Slide
Dear concerned policy makers, bureaucrats, and edu-wonks: Ever since NWEA, the testing manufacturer that promised it can read minds by measuring how long it takes students to pick a multiple choice answer, issued their report on the Covid-19 Slide , you have been freaking out a little because they hear you say that distance learning has been disastrous and if we do it again in the fall, we'll prod
ICYMI: Summer Vacation Edition (6/14)
Whatever summer vacation means this year, it has finally arrived at my house. Which mostly just means that my wife has shifted from working on things for this year to working on things for next year. Here are some things to read. Predecessors Try To Fill Void Left By DeVos This is a strange little thing. First, that Duncan and Spelling see themselves as somehow way different from DeVos. Also, ther
AL: Why The State Pulled The Plug On A Charter For The First Time
Last week, the Alabama Public [sic] Charter School Commission took an unprecedented action and revoked a charter school's charter before it even managed to open. It's a tangly story, with connections to several charter school issues. Woodland Prep was supposed to be a hot new charter school, but it came with so much baggage that t here is an entire blog following the entire mess. Believe me-- I'm
Never Mind The Personalized Learning. Let's Do Personalized Learning Instead.
As the education world scrambles to figure out what next fall will look like, many, many voices are speaking up for reimagined schooling. One particular model has surfaced repeatedly, and it’s not at all new—but it could be.