Friday, January 31, 2014

1-31-14 @ The Answer Sheet

The Answer Sheet:

For school choice-loving Democrats to consider
This has been National School Choice Week, complete with thousands of events around the country to promote school choice. It was quite an organizational feat: The Education Department released new guidance on charter school lotteries, legislation was introduced in Congress to expand choice, papers were released, rallies were held, and much, much more took place.  […]    

Why Common Core isn’t the answer
The Common Core State Standards have become targets for criticism from all corners of the political spectrum for various reasons. Here’s a different take, from Marion Brady, a veteran classroom teacher, who has written history and world culture textbooks (Prentice-Hall),  professional books, numerous  nationally distributed columns (many are available here), and courses of study. His 2011 […]    

1-30-14 @ The Answer Sheet
The Answer Sheet: 21 wealthy donors had decisive impact on charter law in Washington state — analysisA new analysis of how charter school legislation passed by popular vote in 2012 in the state of Washington — after voters had rejected similar measures three times earlier — concludes that 21 vastly wealthy people, including Bill Gates, and their philanthropic organizations had a disproportionate i