Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blue Jersey:: Christie runs from his record on schools

Blue Jersey:: Christie runs from his record on schools:

Christie runs from his record on schools

by: NJ Working Families Alliance

Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 04:05:43 PM EDT

This story should be shared with anyone believing the Christie administration lie that they've properly funded schools. Report by New York Federal Reserve Bank has the numbers that make the truth clear. Promoted by RosiEven by the standard of political advertisements, Governor Christie’s TV spotsare a pieces of work. Whether it’s boasting about job creation at the same time the state is actually losing tens of thousands of jobs or bragging about balancing budgets when the state Constitution requires that all budgets be balanced, Christie has repeatedly tried to spin failures and take credit for things over which he has absolutely no control.
Among Christie’s more galling claims is that he funded public schools at higher levels than anyone other Governor. Christie famously cut $1.1 billion cut from public schools his first year in office while giving the state’s wealthiest residents $1 billion in tax cuts. Outrage from urban and suburban parents – and a command from the State Supreme Court – has forced him to restore part of the aid, but the Education Law Center still estimates that he’s underfunded education by roughly $5 billion since taking office.
Now economists at the New York Federal Reserve Bank have released a reportshowing that the damage from Governor Christie’s cuts went deeper than we’d